Bringing you back

Regaining one’s ability and independence after an injury or illness can be a long and challenging journey. At a time when one feels vulnerable, and sometimes a little helpless, rehabilitation is more than just having quality care.
At ReGen, we are committed to helping you get back to what matters most – your life. Our approach is patient-centric, all the while guided by the principles of dignity and respect in every interaction, at every touchpoint during your healing process.

Our Vision

To become ASEAN’s premiere provider of rehabilitation medicine and related services through the development of specialized rehabilitation hospitals and outpatient facilities, staffed by dedicated healthcare professionals, supported by an ongoing corporate commitment to public and stakeholder education and research in rehabilitation care.

Our Mission

To improve the outcomes of persons who have suffered from debilitating injury or illness by providing extensive rehabilitation care and services, so they may regain as much physical and cognitive functions as possible and have the best chance of returning home to a high quality of life.

Our Values


Evidence-based, physician-led, outcomes-focused treatment supported by Select Medical, a global leader in rehabilitation.


Understanding, supportive, patient-centric care – dedicated to restoring function, promoting independence while valuing the dignity of all patients.


Comprehensive staff training and purpose-built facilities Comprehensive staff training and purpose-built facilities with an unrelenting commitment to quality improvement.

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